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How to hear a Harley-Davidson motorcycle speakers tweet on a motorcycle

By Matt L. Smith-JohnsonThe NFL’s announcement on Friday that it will begin testing new speaker technologies has put more attention on Harley-Davidsons new speaker technology.For the first time, the NFL will begin using the Harley-davidson KTM10S motorcycle speakers.The first motorcycle speakers announced in this way are the KTM-10S speakers.The new speaker models are designed to […]

Triumph Moto Guzzi dies in crash

In the middle of a motorcycle trip, a small black motorcycle named Moto Guzzi is hit by a truck and overturned, killing two riders, according to the motorcycle bluebook.Motorcycle blue book: The motorcycle blue books provide a detailed look at the top motorcycle brands in the world.A few weeks later, a police officer was driving […]

A new way to get people to talk about cars: A social media company’s experiment with bike sharing

A social-media startup is making a bike-share program that lets you hang out with your friends, and then share photos of your bike, along with some comments on how it’s the best bike to ride.The company is called CycleHop, and it lets users buy rides on bikes with the help of the bike-sharing app RideShare.Each […]

Bike helmet: Is it safe for a motorcycle?

By now, most of us have been exposed to the word “bike” at some point in our lives.Whether you are cycling on a road or in a park, there are hundreds of thousands of bike helmets available on the market.But what is the actual safety of a helmet?The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health […]

Motorcycle Vest Case: Why the Judge Can’t Let Me Get Away With This

The lawsuit filed against a California motorcycle vest manufacturer is now headed to trial, and a judge has ruled that the plaintiffs are legally entitled to their money.The case against a company named B&R Sport in the case of a motorcycle accident in 2012 was dismissed by a San Francisco jury in 2015, and the […]

How to buy a Kawasaki motorcycle sidecar

Kawasaki motorcycles have become a bit of a fixture in the American motorcycling scene.The motorcycle’s popularity is undeniable, and the motorcycles themselves have a cult following, but now it seems that these motorcycles also offer some pretty unique services.While they are great for taking the kids to the park, or for the weekend ride, a […]