Which motorcycle jackets are worth it?

On the heels of the Senate passing a bill to help Americans save money on motorcycle insurance, the National Leather Manufacturers Association (NLMA) is urging members to buy leather jackets and other protective gear as well.

The association said the “best protection” for the motorcycle is a jacket made of genuine leather, the “most economical” of which costs less than $50.

The organization said it’s also recommended that riders wear a helmet, and that all riders wear protective gear to keep from being hit by a vehicle.

The American Association of Leatherworkers said in a statement that the industry supports the bill to allow insurers to negotiate rates with motorcycle companies.

“The AAL is disappointed that the Senate has voted to allow the federal government to intervene in the marketplace,” the association said.

“This bill is not about making a profit, but saving lives.”

The bill is now heading to the House, where it’s expected to pass.

The bill also would require that all motorcycle riders and other riders wear helmets.

A rider wearing a helmet has the same legal protections as a rider wearing gloves, including protection from head and neck injuries.