How to Become a Monkey, a Girl Motorcycle, a Monkey and a Monkey rider

A motorcycle training program has become popular with girls in Asia and beyond, and a girl motorcycle has taken off in the U.S. as well.

The Asian Motorcycle Association (AMAA) is currently recruiting new members for its new “Monkey Monkey” training course at the University of Pennsylvania.

AMAA founder and president, Kim Woojin, told Fox News that the course is “an opportunity for girls to learn how to ride motorcycles and how to handle a motorcycle safely.”

The course starts in September and includes lessons on motorcycle riding, helmet wearing, riding, and handling of a motorcycle.

It’s also designed to teach students “the basics of riding a motorcycle, the right skills for riding a bike, and how they can get the most out of their motorcycle,” according to AMAA.

AMPA says the course will last two weeks and covers “a wide range of topics related to motorcycle safety.”

The motorcycle instructor will also teach the students “how to read the motorcycle speed limit signs, how to brake properly, how and when to turn right when you are approaching a red light, how not to cross the center line at intersections, and other important information,” according the organization.

The course is designed to help young girls develop “the confidence to ride a motorcycle and learn the right way to do so.”

“Monkeys are our animals, and they need to be taught how to behave,” Kim Wooji said in a statement.

“We need to encourage young girls to explore the joys of riding motorcycles and the joy of riding safely.”

While the course was originally designed for male students, the organization recently started offering training for women.

AMIA said it hopes to “support and empower young women and girls to develop the skills necessary to become self-sufficient motorcycle riders.”

The AMAA also offers “Moto Master” classes in the region, where girls can ride motorcycles “on their own or with others” and learn how “to learn, respect and control the motorcycle.”

AMAA’s website claims it has helped to “build a network of female motorcycle instructors and riders” in Asia.

“Our program was founded in 2004 to support girls’ development into independent motorcycle riders through motorcycle training,” AMAA said.

“With this training, AMAA hopes to teach young women in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and other Asian countries how to safely and safely ride a bike safely and on their own.”