Indian Chief Motorcycle Helmet Gets Big $1 Billion Deal

India’s Motorcycle Face Mask is set to get a big boost when the Indian Government announced the acquisition of $1 billion worth of motorcycle helmets by Harley Davidson.

The deal, valued at $1.4 billion, is worth more than the total value of all Harley Davidson motorcycles in the country.

India is currently the world’s biggest motorcycle market with the total sales of motorcycles at almost 1.2 billion.

However, motorcycle sales in India have been falling sharply for some time due to the increase in the price of helmet.

Last year, Harley Davidson India had purchased helmet from a Japanese manufacturer for $200 million and later this year it will sell the helmets for a further $200-300 million, a source in India’s motorcycle industry told The Indian Express.

The helmets will be supplied by a new company, HMD Technologies India Pvt.

Ltd, which is set up by the Indian government to sell the products in India.

The helmet will be available at Indian retailers starting from January 2019.