How the Honda Fit became a major force in the sport

Motorcycles have been on the decline in recent years.

But that didn’t stop Honda from launching the Fit in 2007.

Now, the Fit is one of the most popular models in the motorcycle industry.

Here’s how it all came to be.

The Honda Fit was Honda’s answer to the rising popularity of the Yamaha XT250 and other bikes with big rear end and big wheelbase.

The Fit’s design is very similar to the Yamaha, but it’s a lot more refined.

It has a slightly more aggressive look, and it’s more of a sporty bike.

The Fit’s most obvious difference from the Yamaha is that it has a smaller, wider rear end, but Honda says the Fit was designed with the front end as its center of gravity.

In this case, the front wheel sits at the rear of the bike.

This bike is a big-deal item.

In fact, Honda says it sells about 2.5 million of the Fit a year.

Honda is also marketing the Fit as a more affordable option for people who need to move up the ranks in their career.

If you are a rider who has ridden for years and have the money, the Honda fit is a great choice.

But if you want to be a true sporty, versatile rider, then the Honda fits are definitely worth a look.

Here are five reasons why you should pick up a Honda Fit.1.

The rear wheel sits farther back, making the bike easier to move around.

The fit’s narrower, more rounded seat makes the Fit easier to get in and out of corners.2.

The rear wheel has a wider center of mass, allowing for better stability in corners.

The smaller, rounded seat can also help with steering.3.

The small front wheel and low center of weight make the Fit very stable on rough, uneven terrain.

The Honda Fit’s suspension is also light, which helps with handling.4.

It offers a more responsive ride.

The seat can handle a lot of bumps, so you’ll feel much better in the Fit.5.

The size and weight of the rear wheel make it easier to keep the bike upright and stable on steep climbs.

The large front wheel also makes it easier for you to turn the bike around.

So if you like bikes with a big rear, you’ll want to get a Honda fit.

And if you just want a smaller bike with a comfortable seat, you may want to wait until Honda makes a big comeback with the FitX.