When you buy a new helmet, buy one that protects your head

New helmets are now available for sale in Australia.

Motorcycle helmets have become a popular choice for the modern urban cyclist.

In recent years, helmet sales have soared as more people have opted for full-face helmets.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 8,000 helmets were sold in the first half of 2017, with another 1,400 new helmets made.

But while the helmet industry is enjoying a boom, the numbers of cyclists killed on Australian roads are still falling.

The latest figures from the Australian Motorcycle Safety Foundation show there were 835 motorcycle helmet-related deaths in 2017, down from 10,400 in 2016.

A helmet-based crash analysis from the Foundation found that the number of fatalities due to motorcycle collisions has fallen by a third since 2012.

And there have been more than 3,000 fatalities on Australian motorways, with almost a third of these deaths occurring on the A380.

While helmet use is rising across the country, the rate of helmet sales is falling.

The ATSF has been asking manufacturers for a helmet-free future, with manufacturers now reporting that they are unable to meet demand, and are increasing the price of their helmets.

Motorcycle companies are also taking action, including putting in place the “No Helmet Required” scheme, which sees helmets only available for use in a “no helmet zone”.

A similar scheme has also been adopted in Victoria, where the NSW government has introduced a mandatory helmet law.

As well as being a key part of the helmet market, helmets also help protect cyclists from road hazards.

Riding on a motorbike can be a perilous and dangerous experience for many riders, with helmet use a significant risk factor for the health of those riding in the area.

“A helmet is an important piece of equipment that helps protect riders from road traffic collisions and also from helmet-to-helmet collisions,” said Dr David Jones, a motorcycle safety expert and researcher at the Institute of Medical Research.

“[It] is a simple, yet effective, way of protecting your head and neck from injury.”

But not everyone is convinced that helmets are the answer to helmet-safety.

Research commissioned by the National Motorcyclist Association found that helmet use was a significant barrier to helmet use for more than 1.4 million motorcyclists in NSW and Victoria.

Nearly 1.5 million of those riders had a head injury or a concussion, with a further 300,000 injured their left leg.

It’s also worth considering that the research was carried out on a random sample of riders, not the average rider.

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