Motorcycle repair shops open for business in Colorado

Motorcycle shops are open in Colorado for the first time in five years after the state’s gas motorcycle industry was left reeling when a deadly gas leak led to the deaths of four people.

The opening of the new shops in the city of Fort Collins marks the first statewide effort to provide customers with a safe, reliable and convenient alternative to the increasingly common problem of motorcyclists being killed or seriously injured by the gas industry, according to the Association of Colorado Automobile Dealers.

The gas industry has been battling the issue of motorcycling fatalities for decades, but the recent gas leak has forced the industry to reevaluate how it operates, said Dave Lefebvre, president and CEO of the Colorado Motorcycle Association.

Motorcycle repair companies can now offer customers the opportunity to inspect their motorcycles and get help to repair them, Lefeberv said.

The association has partnered with several motorcycle shops to offer services like gas inspections, gas tank checks and oil changes.

“The gas tank has been a critical component of the motorcycle community for many years and has been in need of repair for years,” Lefeleberv added.

“This initiative is a good first step in bringing back that trust and bringing back the kind of confidence that customers have when they shop at these businesses.”

Lefebrev said the association is also looking at the possibility of opening a second gas shop in the Denver metro area, with an eye toward expanding to other cities.

The gas industry said it has spent $150 million on gas tank inspections since 2011.

Motorcyclists can also now make their own gas repairs at the gas stations and have a $1,000 credit to help with gas payments.

The state has long been concerned about the safety of motorcycle fuel, with gas-powered motorcycles posing a greater risk to motorists than gasoline-powered ones.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has been working with the industry on improving the safety and performance of its vehicles, but said there are no plans to create a special gas-gas-powered bike lane.