When you need to make a breakaway and when you need a scrambler

The scrambler’s time in the sun is numbered and the team behind the concept has already produced a prototype, which it is currently testing in Japan.

The scrambler is a simple yet efficient motorcycle, and it has a great potential for future development.

If all goes well, the scrambler will have an open-wheel layout, with the rear wheels being used to help push the motorcycle up the hill, with an equal distance between the front and rear wheels, to provide an even riding position.

This will also allow for the motorcycle to move around quickly and with ease.

With this in mind, the team is considering a number of possible configurations, which could range from a front-wheel-drive configuration to a rear-wheel drive configuration.

For example, the prototype will use a twin-turbo V-twin engine with four valves per cylinder, which can be mounted in a single-cylinder configuration.

It also uses a hybrid engine, which will use the turbocharger to generate power.

It is also believed that the prototype could have a power output of up to 100hp, and an output of around 60kW, which is a respectable output for a motorcycle.

As mentioned, the development of the scramblers motorcycle has already been done in Japan, but the team has yet to receive an official patent from the Japanese authorities.

In any case, the project is expected to be a significant step forward for scrambler technology, which has been seen in the past in motorcycles from the likes of Yamaha, Ducati and Suzuki.

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