Motorcycle Vest Case: Why the Judge Can’t Let Me Get Away With This

The lawsuit filed against a California motorcycle vest manufacturer is now headed to trial, and a judge has ruled that the plaintiffs are legally entitled to their money.

The case against a company named B&R Sport in the case of a motorcycle accident in 2012 was dismissed by a San Francisco jury in 2015, and the court of appeals ruled in favor of the plaintiff, but only after a long delay.

The trial is scheduled to begin this September, and B&S says it will be represented by a California firm called DLA Piper.

The company’s website describes itself as “one of the leading motorcycle safety firms” and its website says the case against it is one of the most complex litigation in the country.

“In the years since the accident, the plaintiffs have suffered numerous injuries, including permanent brain damage, a significant financial loss, and permanent disability,” the company said.

“B&S has now become the leading brand in motorcycle clothing, with over $50 billion in annual sales and approximately 2.6 million employees worldwide.”

The lawsuit was filed against B& S by the National Association of Motorcycle Dealers and Traders (NAMTD) in 2013.

The lawsuit claims that B&s sales and marketing practices have caused injuries and even death.

The suit claims that the company “made numerous false and misleading statements and representations, and that B & S knowingly sold defective products in violation of California and federal law.”

The suit also claims that “B & S negligently and recklessly marketed defective products, and then failed to prevent such sales, and, therefore, to prevent the injuries and deaths that it caused.”

B& R Sport says that its products were not manufactured with the intent of causing injuries or deaths.

The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages for their injuries and for the “material and irreparable harm” they have suffered.