New Zealanders will have to pay for their own motorcycle wheel in a bid to keep it affordable

More than half of New Zealand’s motorcyclists could soon be paying for their wheel in full, as the Government announced new motorcycle tax measures that will come into effect in 2021.The Motorcycle Tax is a levy on motorcyclist registrations and motorbike accessories.It will increase from $20 to $30 per year, depending on the number of […]

How to save your motorbike license

When you’re getting ready to buy a new motorcycle, you’re probably thinking about the motorcycle license.This is the easiest part.You don’t have to worry about what you can and can’t do with your new motorcycle.If you have a motorcycle that doesn’t have a registration number, you can apply for a motorcycle safety and health permit […]

BMW’s new X3 sports car, a $70,000 sports car that’s only a few hundred dollars cheaper than the cheapest BMW model

BMW has just launched a new sports car called the X3, and it’s only $70k cheaper than a BMW X5.That’s because it’s a BMW sports car. That’s a significant number of cars on the market today, and for a relatively small price, a sports car can make an extremely good car.The BMW X3 is a great […]

Which motorcycle is the best for the average commuter?

It’s a debate that’s been raging for decades, but this week it’s coming back to the surface after a crash involving a Goldwing motorcycle that killed one person and injured a second.Motorcycle owner Stephen Hughes said he was driving down the Hume Freeway on Wednesday afternoon when he lost control of the bike and slammed […]

‘Ladder’ to the top: A guide to the life of Donald Trump

A man who won the presidency last year and whose campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again” has now become the most influential politician in America.The man is Donald Trump, who will become the 45th president on January 20th.Mr Trump, 72, was elected in a landslide victory in the Republican primaries and is widely considered […]

How to get your motorcycle helmet on: 50cc motorcycle

A motorcycle helmet is a vital part of any motorcycle rider’s safety equipment.This article examines how to get one.First of all, it’s important to remember that the 50cc version of the motorcycle helmet will be fitted with an aluminium frame.This will reduce weight and improve rigidity.You’ll also want to keep the helmet as slim as […]