Motorcycle salvage specialist to sell a $6m toy vehicle worth $6.4m to the highest bidder

Australian motorcycle salvage specialist RSPCA said it would sell a toy motorcycle valued at $6 million to the most successful bidder.

The Australian Motorcycle Auction Commission said it had received a proposal from a third party and was negotiating with the seller.

RSPCA chief executive Mike Taylor said the seller was confident in the sale price and the vehicle would be available for a private buyer to buy.

“This is a significant milestone for the RSPC and we’re proud to have the opportunity to sell this beloved and iconic property to the very best bidder,” he said.

Mr Taylor said it was the highest-selling motorcycle ever auctioned in Australia and would be the first in the world to sell through auction.

He said the car and motorbike had been used for recreational purposes for more than 40 years and were well loved.

“There’s a very strong sense of community pride in these vehicles and this is a great example of that,” he told the ABC.

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