The new LEGO motorcycle helmet that makes all the difference

The new toy motorcycle helmet is made with a metal frame that holds a battery in place and allows the rider to use the motor’s motor for up to 20 miles without wearing the helmet.

Motorcyclists and their families have been using helmets since the 1980s, but the new helmet is the first of its kind to be made entirely of metal.

The helmet is designed to be lightweight, and it comes with a battery pack that can be attached to the helmet’s side.

The battery pack is removable and is connected to the motorcycle by a wire.

The helmet uses a metal mesh that looks like a rubber band that can support the helmet while it is being fitted.

It also comes with two removable side panels that are easy to change out depending on your riding style.

The design is based on a concept from the 1980 movie “Tron,” and it was designed to look like a turtle shell.

“We have designed this helmet to be a classic, functional helmet,” said Brian O’Connor, chief marketing officer of HJC Motorcycle.

The new helmet has been in development for the past year and will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The headgear is made of a special material that can help the rider feel more secure, the company said.

It can help reduce helmet impact and provide a sense of protection from head-on collisions.

The HJC helmet is one of the first to use a lithium-ion battery.

The batteries in most motorcycle helmets use liquid batteries that can last for more than 20 years, so the battery pack in the new model is more durable than traditional batteries.HJC Motorcycles said the new design also uses a new design called a flexible metal composite, which can be made from different materials.

The material can be used in new motorcycle helmets that are built with lightweight materials, like the motorcycle helmet, as well as the traditional leather helmet.