When Lego motorcycle windshields can actually block an eye-watering view

Motorcycle helmets have long been the standard for safety on the road, but the construction of new and better versions is taking the industry by storm.

This year, the Japanese manufacturer unveiled the latest in its line-up of helmet-inspired helmets, which are currently available for pre-order in the US.

The new version of the popular plastic motorcycle helmet comes in three different colours and has a full 360 degree visor, so the eye can be hidden from the road.

There’s also a new rear visor and rear clip.

A new helmet can also be made with a mesh mesh system, and a full protective liner, which is made from a synthetic material.

It comes with a protective coating that protects the helmet from rain, snow, dust and even wind.

But when the helmet is fully loaded, there’s a small gap in the front of the helmet which can block an average-sized eye from seeing well.

The problem is that it can block the eye from looking at the side of the bike as well.

While the goggles are designed to protect the face, you can see what the rider’s doing with the helmet on a regular day.

The goggles can also block an ear-piece or microphone from being heard, which can also cause a nuisance to the ear canal.

But this is not a problem that you need to worry about if you’re wearing them.

The visor on this helmet can block a standard eye.

It’s very important to wear the helmet correctly.

But if you don’t do so properly, you’ll be unable to see the rider when you’re driving, or while riding, and will therefore not be able to see what’s happening behind you.

But the visor is designed to be used when it’s absolutely necessary, and you don, too, so don’t wear it while driving.

There are three versions of the LEGO helmet available to buy right now.

One is a plastic version, with a metal mesh mesh that protects your eye.

This is made to fit a head size of 12mm and is currently available on eBay for $499.

You can also purchase a full-face helmet that has a metal visor.

There is also a helmet that is made entirely from plastic, but this version is much more expensive and will only fit people who are at least 5ft 6 inches tall.

You’ll also be able choose a helmet with a full eye-cover, which protects your eyes from the side.

The second version of this helmet has a plastic visor that protects you from rain and snow, while the third version has a mesh visor for maximum protection.

It is currently priced at $549.

It has a similar design to the first two helmets, with the difference being that the helmet will not cover your eyes in front of you, and the visors will be slightly angled to the front.

However, the vises on the second helmet are wider, which means the rider can see you better from behind.

The third helmet has more protection from the rain and wind, and is still available for $699.

This helmet comes with the mesh mesh lining.

It also has a clip that is included, which you can use to secure it to your helmet and to your bike.

There have been many helmet manufacturers introducing helmets with a removable visor in the last few years, but Lego is the first one to use a full mesh-like material, which makes the helmet even more attractive.

The other major new product in the line-ups, the GoPro motorcycle helmet, is available for an additional $99.

The helmet can be used for up to six hours at a time, and it is also made of an eye and ear-plate design, and can be fitted with a helmet-style visor as well as a camera-style camera.

But unlike the LEGO helmets, it does not come with a fully protective liner to protect your face from dust, snow or wind.

The GoPro helmet comes complete with a camera strap.

The company has also recently released a video of the new helmet.

The video, called “Fully Powered” shows the helmet in action, and shows how it can be attached to a bike, which then makes it easy to attach the helmet to a bicycle helmet.

It was made by a company called Pro-Tek, which also makes helmets.

You have to pay a $50 installation fee for this helmet.

You are also not able to buy it with a regular helmet.