‘Ladder’ to the top: A guide to the life of Donald Trump

A man who won the presidency last year and whose campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again” has now become the most influential politician in America.

The man is Donald Trump, who will become the 45th president on January 20th.

Mr Trump, 72, was elected in a landslide victory in the Republican primaries and is widely considered to be the Republican Party’s most popular politician, according to the latest polls.

Mr Pence, 70, is the longest serving Republican president in American history.

The new president is also the longest-serving Republican governor in US history, having been elected in 2005 and has been re-elected four times.

He was also the first vice-president to be elected in the US since the Civil War.

Mr Biden, 72 years old, is widely regarded to be a rising star of the Democratic Party and will be the first African American to lead the party.

Mr Flynn, 65, is one of the most successful businessmen in US politics, owning the Washington Post newspaper.

Mr Romney, 63, is a former Massachusetts governor and Mitt Romney, a former US president.

Mr Obama, 61, is not a Democrat but is an American who became the first black president in 2008.

“What we are seeing in America is a historic shift away from the establishment, and the establishment has chosen to be out of step with the times,” said Donald Trump Jr, Mr Trump’s eldest son.

“They’ve chosen to ignore the problems of the country, and have chosen to take advantage of the people in the middle class and the middle-class whites who are seeing their standard of living drop dramatically.”

What they’ve done is they’ve chosen a man who’s never had the kind of success as Donald Trump has.

“‘This country is not the land of opportunity’ Mr Trump is a businessman who has built a fortune.

He has owned and run businesses for years, from golf courses to casinos to hotels.

Mr Donald Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, is worth $7.9 billion.

Mr Ford is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and philanthropist.

He donated $10 million to the Children’s Defense Fund, the US’s largest public charity.

Mr Clinton is a philanthropist who has given more than $150 million to charities including the US Public Interest Research Group.

The US has been in the throes of a prolonged recession and has had no presidential nominee for decades.

He lost to Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election and has not held the White House since.

Mr Reagan won a second term in 1981, and Mr Reagan also won a third term.

“And we have the highest rate of people in poverty in the entire history of our country.” “

We have the longest streak of unemployment, the lowest number of jobs created in 50 years, the highest number of people out of work in almost four decades,” Mr Trump said in an interview with ABC News in May.

“And we have the highest rate of people in poverty in the entire history of our country.”

Mr Trump has also been accused of being a racist, after he called for a ban on Muslims entering the US, a ban that the US Supreme Court upheld in 2015.

“I don’t know if I’m being politically correct, but I think we have to be very, very careful about who we allow into our country,” he said.

“If you can’t control your borders, if you can not control your inner cities, if people can’t come in, if the borders are open, then we have an open society.”

When you look at the inner cities of Chicago and New York and you see crime, you see gangs, you look for drugs, you go and talk to the inner city.

“You know what I think?

That’s why I’m the way I am.

That’s what the inner-city people want.”

‘It’s time to give back’ Mr Flynn and Mr Romney have taken a different approach to running their businesses and charities.

Mr McCain is a prominent conservative, and his wife, Cindy, a Democratic congresswoman from Arizona, is an outspoken critic of President Trump.

The pair have donated millions to charity.

The billionaire and his daughter, Lara, are co-founders of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Mr Priebus is the former chief of staff to Republican President John McCain, and he was previously a senior aide to Mitt Romney.

“It’s a great opportunity for our country, a great chance to give to the country and to the people who have made our country great,” Mr Flynn said.

Mr Smith, the retired US marine who founded the US Navy Seal Foundation, told ABC News that Mr Trump had shown a willingness to listen to those who disagreed with him and to help them find a way to win.

“He’s a very gracious person,” Mr Smith said.