Which motorcycle is the best for the average commuter?

It’s a debate that’s been raging for decades, but this week it’s coming back to the surface after a crash involving a Goldwing motorcycle that killed one person and injured a second.

Motorcycle owner Stephen Hughes said he was driving down the Hume Freeway on Wednesday afternoon when he lost control of the bike and slammed into a tree.

“I was on the highway with my wife, my two young daughters, I was in the middle of nowhere and I was on a motorcycle.

I don’t think anyone would have thought it was going to happen, but we were on a highway and it happened,” Mr Hughes said.

He said he saw his bike hit the tree and that the driver had to be taken to hospital.

Mr Hughes said his wife, who is a qualified motorcycle mechanic, was shocked when she found out the crash had killed her husband.

The Goldwing was involved in a fatal crash near Brisbane last week when a rider hit it head-on and the motorcycle burst into flames.

Police said the rider who was taken to Hospital was in critical condition, but no-one else was injured.

There were no passengers on the Goldwing.

Goldwing said its crash investigators were working closely with Queensland Police and were investigating.

Police did not reveal the name of the rider, but it is believed he was riding a Gold Wing in Queensland.

In March last year, a GoldWing was involved after another rider struck it head on and burned a car.

A Queensland man was charged with careless driving and failing to stop at a stop sign after hitting the motorcycle, but the case was dismissed.

But last week, the Gold Wing motorcycle collided with another motorcycle, causing a major blaze at the intersection of the Hume and Macarthur Freeways.

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