BMW’s new X3 sports car, a $70,000 sports car that’s only a few hundred dollars cheaper than the cheapest BMW model

BMW has just launched a new sports car called the X3, and it’s only $70k cheaper than a BMW X5.

That’s because it’s a BMW sports car. 

That’s a significant number of cars on the market today, and for a relatively small price, a sports car can make an extremely good car.

The BMW X3 is a great sports car for a couple of reasons.

First, it has a huge engine that’s just as fast as an Audi A4, and that engine is used in the BMW X6 and X7.

The X3 has also got a pretty solid suspension that should keep it on track for some hours.

That means the X4 can get away with a lot less than the other cars on offer, and you’re not going to have to sacrifice a lot of fun for the extra price tag.

BMW’s X3 will be available for $70K before incentives, but you can pick it up for $73K in the US and $79K in Australia.

There’s a good chance you can get the X1 for a fraction of that price, too, and while we don’t have pricing yet, it’s safe to say you’ll have to pay more than a few thousand bucks to get a sports coupe for a weekend.

BMW also has an exclusive deal with the company who make the BMW i3, so you should expect a few more sports cars from the company that makes the BMW 6 Series.

The new X2 sports car is a bit of a surprise, too.

While the X2 is a pretty good sports car right now, its a bit expensive for the amount of horsepower that it can produce.

It’s still an excellent choice for people who want a supercar, and even more of those people will probably want the X6 sports car if you get the discount. 

For the rest of us, though, we’ll be getting a new BMW X1 on May 31st.