When the first ‘battery’ hits the road, will it make or break the electric vehicle?

When the Honda Civic battery was first launched in 1998, the concept was so good that Honda hoped that by the end of the decade, consumers would be so hooked on its promise that they would never want to stop using their cars.Today, the battery market is in flux.But in the meantime, the Honda and […]

How to train your electric motorcycle with a Yamaha motorcycle trainer

Riding your electric bike around town can be a challenge.You need a bike trainer and you need to take your training seriously.That’s because Yamaha is launching its first electric bike trainer with an 8.5-pound motor and a 16-pound battery.That bike trainer is the Zonda electric bike, the first electric motorcycle to have the Yamaha Zonda […]

Which motorcycle helmet is the best?

The top motorcycle helmet for 2017 has been named after the most famous ghost rider from the 1970s film Ghost Rider.The helmet with the highest popularity score was the Suzuki KTM Ghost Rider helmet, which is the third highest seller among brands.That’s the highest-selling helmet of the 2017 year, with the most sales, according to […]

The chopper motorcycle club is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in Australia

A chopper bike club in Australia is celebrating its 100th anniversary.The chopper club is a motorcycle club that was founded in Melbourne in 1882.Its motto is “Don’t stop at anything and go where the wind blows”.In an interview with the ABC, club member Steve Jones said his club had been in business for 40 years.“It’s […]

Motorcycle tires are getting some serious love

Motorcycle tire sales have been slow in the past few years, but new research by the University of Michigan shows that motorcycle tires are selling at higher rates than they have in years past.According to a new report from the University’s Automotive Research Institute, the average monthly sales of motorcycle tires increased by 7.6 percent […]

The ultimate electric motorcycle, an all-electric motorcycle

A new electric motorcycle is coming.It is called the M2 and it is the latest in a series of electric motorcycles, each of which has its own unique design and function.The new electric bike is a hybrid electric motorcycle.We’ve already seen some of the new electric motorcycles.For example, we have the electric Harley Davidson SRV, […]

How to remove a motorcycle cover from your vehicle

Motorcycle cover removal can be a frustrating experience.However, you can safely remove the cover to reveal the engine compartment, transmission, battery, exhaust system, seat and even the motor.You may have already removed the cover, but this step will make your life a lot easier.If you’re worried about a covered motorcycle cover getting stuck, here are […]