How to buy a motorcycle battery tender for your motorcycle

A motorcyclist and motorcycle club is using the tender to sell batteries to local businesses.

The battery supplier is paying a $10,000 deposit on a new battery to be used by the club.

Bobber Motorcycle Club President Bobber Richey said the deposit will help with capital costs and pay for the new battery.

He said the club will pay $1,000 for each battery that it sells.

Bobbers lease agreement requires the club to use the battery for club purposes.

Richey is the president of the Bobber Club of Washington.

He said his group has a fleet of about 30 motorcycles and is looking for new batteries to replace old ones.

The Bobber is using its tender to buy battery supplies from local businesses in Washington and Oregon.

It will use the funds to help offset the costs of buying new batteries, Richeys group said on its website.

The contract is for three months and will pay a $15,000 deposits.

The club hopes to sell the batteries within two weeks, Rietz said.

The sale process could take up to six weeks.

Bobbies lease agreement calls for the club’s lease to be renewed every two years.

The club can use the batteries for club-related purposes such as rentals, club events and other business activities, Rikey said.