What’s next for Harley-Davidson after the stock market crash

Harley-Davidsons stock price dropped on Thursday to its lowest level since mid-June, after the company reported a decline in sales.

Shares in Harley-Danes stock tumbled as much as 10% after the announcement that its chief executive, Joe Hinrichs, would be stepping down.

The stock’s drop comes as Harley- Danes stock is down about 10% from the June peak.

The stock is now trading at $11.94 per share.

Harley-Davides stock price fell on Thursday in the wake of the announcement from Hinrich that he would be retiring as the company’s chief executive.

Harley- Davides stock was up nearly 3% in after-hours trading.

Harlequins CEO Joe Hinrikksen is stepping down after 11 years as CEO, Harley- Davidson said in a statement.

He joins a list of current and former CEOs who have resigned or been fired since June, including Paul Allen, Bill Gates and Jeffrey Skoll.

The company also said it would cut about 2,200 jobs, including 1,800 in North America.

Shares of Harley-Daniels were down as much at $8.88 on Thursday, while shares of the company fell nearly 3%.

Harley’s shares fell to $8,092.25 on Thursday.