A rare look at India’s motorcycle salvage yard

By now you have probably seen photos of the massive salvage yard that sits outside of Delhi’s old city.

The Indian Motorcycle Salvage Yard (IMSA) is an iconic landmark in the capital of India and has been in operation for more than a century.

Located on the banks of the Yamuna river, it has a massive collection of over 20,000 vintage motorcycles.

It’s also the home to the world’s largest motorcycle salvage operation.

The operation has recently expanded to the neighbouring state of Bihar.

But what has this collection been used for?

A recent series of photos on The Daily Mail India (in English) revealed that the salvage yard is used for motorcycle parts, parts that are made in India.

A number of different types of parts are made here, including parts made for motorcycles, motorcycles parts made from recycled parts, as well as motorcycle parts that have been modified to look like parts from other vehicles.

This is an example of the types of motorcycle parts being made in this salvage yard.

Motorcycle parts are often bought for around Rs.1,000 ($30).

Parts made in the IMSA are often worth up to Rs.25,000, but the collection of parts here is also worth quite a lot.

Here are some of the more noteworthy examples of motorcycle salvage in the salvageyard.

Here is a video from the series: The Daily Mirror reported that the collection is mostly used for motorcycles and motorcycle parts made in Bihar.

So what makes this salvageyard different from other motorcycle salvageyards?

The salvage yard has a large collection of motorcycles, parts and accessories.

So if you want to buy a motorcycle part, there are a lot of parts you can go to and you will be able to find a part for a motorcycle that you are looking for.

This means that the salvagers here are doing an incredible job, especially in the years that we are here.

If you’re looking for parts that you can use for a bike, there is not a lot that is out there.

This makes it a very popular place to look for parts.

We know this because we are a small salvage yard, but it has been such a big attraction for us that we decided to take a picture of it here to showcase it to the rest of you.

Motorcycles, motorcycles, motorcycle parts and parts that look like motorcycle parts.

What is the difference between the salvage yards?

The difference between motorcycle salvage and motorcycle salvage is that the former is made in a factory and the latter is made on site.

So, the salvage is made by the scrappers, and the parts are bought from the dealers.

Motorcyclists can even go to a salvage yard and buy parts that they don’t have.

In a lot if these are the parts that were found at the salvageyards, they will usually get the same price.

In fact, this is why there is a lot more demand for salvage.

The salvageyards can be very lucrative, and that is why they are used for the most parts.

They sell parts from motorcycles that are no longer in use.

This will mean that they are very valuable to buyers.

But we have also seen motorcycles that have no known owners.

So these are a few examples of motorcycles that were sold at the scrap yard.

There are also motorcycle parts from cars, so it is quite rare to see these parts in these salvage yards.

Why does India have so many salvage yards in India?

The reason for this is that India is a country of large cities, and they are also often the centres of motorcycle manufacturing and motorcycle repair.

The fact that there are so many motorcycle salvage facilities in India has given them a lot to work with.

The local communities, especially the rural population, are also very interested in these places, and so the salvage operations here are often very successful.

The people here are very proud of what they do, and are happy to work in the industry.

So there is always a lot for them to do here.

The collection is huge, and it’s not easy to find parts here, so the collection can be quite expensive.

The value of the salvage and parts can vary greatly depending on where the parts come from.

The most common parts to be found at a salvageyard are from cars and motorcycles.

But the best parts to find are from motorcycles and parts made by motorcycle salvage.

What kind of motorcycle are used in the motorcycle salvage?

The most popular motorcycles that come to the salvage are the V8s, M1s and M1 engines.

They are made from the latest parts, and have been around for decades.

So the parts they sell are made by them.

This shows that the people in the community care about motorcycles.

The M1 engine is also a popular one.

The motorcycles used for this particular salvage are M1, M2 and M3.

What does this have to do with motorcycle safety?

The safety of motorcycles has been a contentious issue for decades now.

The majority of the motorcycle manufacturers in India are made out of small towns and villages