Goldwing is building a motorcycle camper

TechCrunch, the online magazine for the tech community, is reporting that Goldwing Motorcycles has built a motorcycle bedding camper.

The company is looking for custom motorcycle enthusiasts and is also working with an Indian scout motorcycle manufacturer to produce the unit.

The unit, according to the report, will have an electric motor and six wheel drive, and will be available in goldwing colors.

The trailer is expected to be a bit more limited than the standard camper but it’s also possible to order the trailer from the company online.

The unit will reportedly cost about $4,500.

The report also mentions that the camper is also available for rent, and the owner will pay $1,200 a month for the unit and $1.50 a day for maintenance.

The company is also looking for a motorcycle helmet.

We’ve reached out to Goldwing for more details on this, and we’ll update if we hear back.