The chopper motorcycle club is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in Australia

A chopper bike club in Australia is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

The chopper club is a motorcycle club that was founded in Melbourne in 1882.

Its motto is “Don’t stop at anything and go where the wind blows”.

In an interview with the ABC, club member Steve Jones said his club had been in business for 40 years.

“It’s been going for 100 years and I think the club will have a great future,” he said.

“We’re really lucky to be in a state like this.”

Mr Jones said the club had not just been an active motorcycling group, but also a motorcyclist club.

“There are other motorcyclists out there that are just as good,” he added.

The club has had a good run and there is a lot of pride in what we’ve achieved over the years, Mr Jones said.

The first club was founded to promote the riding of motorised bicycles, Mr Wilson said.

Mr Wilson said he was pleased to have been involved in the club’s 100th birthday.

“I’ve been involved for 100, 100 years,” he told the ABC.

“You get a little bit older, but I’ve had a really good run.”

That’s why I think this is a great club and I’m glad to be involved in it.