Yamaha suzukis top-of-the-line women’s motorcycle jacket

Suzuka is a small city in Japan and is home to Yamaha’s new top-notch women’s jacket.

It has a stylish, stylish, and modern look that has caught the attention of Japanese fashion fans worldwide.

The jacket was created by a team of designer and model Suzuka-based designers, who went through a long process to make the jacket in-house.

The jackets can be purchased at a price range between 1,800 yen ($16) and 4,000 yen ($41).

The brand is selling the jacket exclusively at online shop www.susezuki.com for a suggested retail price of 1,600 yen ($17).

The jacket was designed in collaboration with designer Suzuka Yoshida, who also created the clothing lines for the brands Waseda, Yamanote and Yamaoka.

The designer also designs the men’s and women’s jackets for Yamaha, Suzuki and Suzuki-Mitsubishi.

The new Yamaha jacket was unveiled on April 11.

Yamaha unveiled the new men’s version of the Suzuka jacket in Tokyo on April 12.