The ultimate electric motorcycle, an all-electric motorcycle

A new electric motorcycle is coming.It is called the M2 and it is the latest in a series of electric motorcycles, each of which has its own unique design and function.The new electric bike is a hybrid electric motorcycle.We’ve already seen some of the new electric motorcycles.For example, we have the electric Harley Davidson SRV, […]

How a ‘bully pulpit’ helped Benelli motorcycle insurance company earn $5.5M in 2010

The Benelli Motorcycle Insurance business is known for its aggressive marketing and aggressive sales tactics, but the company also has a humble history in the industry.It was founded by two brothers in 1966, John and Paul Benelli, and their brother John was the company’s first employee.But the brothers had an interest in motorcycle technology and […]

What is a motorcycle loan?

Motorcycle loan calculator | What is motorcycle backpack?| Learn more about motorcycle loans.What is the motorcycle loan, and how does it work?A motorcycle loan is an option offered by lenders when you buy a new or used motorcycle.It can be a cash or a deposit.You can apply for the loan by completing an application form […]

How to get a motorcycle helmet

The Predator motorcycle helmet is the latest and perhaps most popular helmet for power wheelers.But how much does it cost?And does it fit?Here’s the answer to that question.The Predator helmet is made from a composite material that offers an extremely high viscosity (up to 20 times greater than steel), yet has the strength to handle […]

How to make a motorcycle helmet for the future

When the motorcycle helmet was first released, it was made of metal and plastic.Now, with the new motorcycle helmet standards coming into effect, manufacturers have come up with new and improved versions of the helmets.Read moreRead More:What you need to know about motorcycle helmetsHow to make the best motorcycle helmet: What to expect at the […]