How to hear a Harley-Davidson motorcycle speakers tweet on a motorcycle

By Matt L. Smith-JohnsonThe NFL’s announcement on Friday that it will begin testing new speaker technologies has put more attention on Harley-Davidsons new speaker technology.For the first time, the NFL will begin using the Harley-davidson KTM10S motorcycle speakers.The first motorcycle speakers announced in this way are the KTM-10S speakers.The new speaker models are designed to […]

Triumph Moto Guzzi dies in crash

In the middle of a motorcycle trip, a small black motorcycle named Moto Guzzi is hit by a truck and overturned, killing two riders, according to the motorcycle bluebook.Motorcycle blue book: The motorcycle blue books provide a detailed look at the top motorcycle brands in the world.A few weeks later, a police officer was driving […]

When you buy a new helmet, buy one that protects your head

New helmets are now available for sale in Australia.Motorcycle helmets have become a popular choice for the modern urban cyclist.In recent years, helmet sales have soared as more people have opted for full-face helmets.According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 8,000 helmets were sold in the first half of 2017, with another 1,400 […]

How to buy and sell motorcycle exhaust pipes

By Simon Williams | March 03, 2018 05:31:54More than 10 years ago, the NSW Government set up a Motorcycle Harness Carrier Fund to fund motorcycle exhaust pipe production.In 2016, it was announced the Fund would be worth $2.6 million a year.But a few months later, the Fund was revealed to be worth far less than […]

US police arrest 3 in fatal crash involving gas motorcycle and motorcycle

Police have arrested three people in connection with a fatal crash that killed two children on a gas motorcycle in Missouri.Key points:The incident happened at a gas station in MissouriPolice say the children were riding their gas motorcycles through the gas station parking lotThe crash happened at the end of the gas store’s parking lot […]