Motorcycle tires are getting some serious love

Motorcycle tire sales have been slow in the past few years, but new research by the University of Michigan shows that motorcycle tires are selling at higher rates than they have in years past.According to a new report from the University’s Automotive Research Institute, the average monthly sales of motorcycle tires increased by 7.6 percent […]

New ‘spyware’ app makes it easy to unlock your phone without your key

A new gadget is making it easy for thieves to bypass your lock screen and take control of your phone, a security researcher has claimed.Spyware – short for “security spyware” – is a “free software application” that gives users the ability to gain access to a smartphone without having to download the app itself, or […]

Dunlop’s Moto Factory is set to expand its Moto School site

Dunlops Moto Factory has announced plans to expand the site that hosts its motorcycle school and is looking to bring its bikes to more areas of Sydney.Key points:The site, which will open in November, is expected to have a selection of motorcycle and apparel brandsThe site will also include a dedicated Moto Factory Café where […]

How to buy the best beginner motorcycle gear

The motorcycle hitch carrier is a great option for people who just want a little something extra to add to their ride.However, if you have a bigger budget, then the best way to buy beginner motorcycle equipment is to get some cheap accessories and make your ride more fun.There are a few accessories you should […]

When your bike is worth more than your mom’s house

The average price of a used motorcycle has risen by more than 70 percent in the past decade to $2,300, according to the American Automobile Association.The cost of a new motorcycle also has soared by about 60 percent.In fact, a new Honda CR-V costs $1,995, a Honda CB500 is $2.5 million, a Suzuki XJ600 is […]

Which motorcycle jacket is best for me?

By Lauren WilliamsThe most commonly used motorcycle jacket has a lot going for it, but its versatility and comfort could be better, according to an article published on The Next Green.The article is part of a series on motorcycle jacket durability, as well as how to protect your motorcycle from the elements.The jacket should be […]

When is a motorcycle a motorcycle?

In the UK, there is a difference between a motorcycle, which is a motorised vehicle, and a motorcycle trailer, which are motorised trailers.A motorcycle trailer is a vehicle which has the same number of wheels as a motor vehicle.A motor vehicle is a large vehicle which normally has two wheels and no windows or doors.A […]