Which motorcycle helmet is the best?

The top motorcycle helmet for 2017 has been named after the most famous ghost rider from the 1970s film Ghost Rider.The helmet with the highest popularity score was the Suzuki KTM Ghost Rider helmet, which is the third highest seller among brands.That’s the highest-selling helmet of the 2017 year, with the most sales, according to […]

Why the US is the only nation that still doesn’t allow motorcycle car licenses

The US has become the only country in the world to still bar people from owning a motorcycle, despite decades of efforts to legalize the sport.But the government has struggled to enact a nationwide ban on motorcycle ownership, and it has never been easy to enforce.That’s because most states require that someone purchase a motorcycle […]

New York City to introduce ‘Pagans Motorcycle Club’ in the next three years

NEW YORK (AP) A group of young immigrants in New York’s Central Park will have their first opportunity to ride motorcycles on the streets in a city where the city is struggling to attract more immigrants.A committee of residents and park board members approved the move Wednesday to build the Pagans Motorcycles Club at the […]

When the law changes, will you need to buy motorcycle decals?

Big dog motorcycles are not covered by any state or federal motor vehicle laws, and the manufacturer of those bikes is responsible for any injury, loss, damage or personal injury that results from a motorcycle accident.Motorcycle accident attorneys are also able to represent you in your motorcyclist’s behalf when you file a claim, including motorcycle […]

The new LEGO motorcycle helmet that makes all the difference

The new toy motorcycle helmet is made with a metal frame that holds a battery in place and allows the rider to use the motor’s motor for up to 20 miles without wearing the helmet.Motorcyclists and their families have been using helmets since the 1980s, but the new helmet is the first of its kind […]