How to remove a motorcycle cover from your vehicle

Motorcycle cover removal can be a frustrating experience.However, you can safely remove the cover to reveal the engine compartment, transmission, battery, exhaust system, seat and even the motor.You may have already removed the cover, but this step will make your life a lot easier.If you’re worried about a covered motorcycle cover getting stuck, here are […]

Motorcycle dealers are being targeted by a new law that will see them fined for failing to have a motorcycle licence in the country

Motorcycle dealer Triumph is facing a new challenge after the Government of India passed a new motorcycle licensing bill.The Government of the day has proposed a motorcycle licensing regime where dealers would have to obtain a licence in order to be registered as a motorcycle dealer in India.However, according to Triumph’s website, dealers who are […]

Goldwing is building a motorcycle camper

TechCrunch, the online magazine for the tech community, is reporting that Goldwing Motorcycles has built a motorcycle bedding camper.The company is looking for custom motorcycle enthusiasts and is also working with an Indian scout motorcycle manufacturer to produce the unit.The unit, according to the report, will have an electric motor and six wheel drive, and […]

How to Buy a Motorcycle for $4,500

The price of a motorcycle is nothing to sneeze at, but a motorcycle enthusiast needs to know how much he or she can afford.The good news is that there’s an online marketplace where you can shop and buy a motorcycle for as little as $4.95.If you can’t afford to spend $4 million on a motorcycle, […]

Kawasaki, Yamaha: $50,000 to buy up 1,200 dealerships in the U.S.

The new U.K. motorcycle and motorcycle parts manufacturer Kawasaki Motor has agreed to buy 1,400 dealerships around the country.The companies are spending about $50 million each to buy the dealerships.The agreement will allow the companies to sell their brands of motorcycles to consumers.The new dealerships will be set up to support Kawasaki’s motorcycle brands.The purchase […]

When to buy a motorcycle: Which parts are worth the money?

By now, most of you are probably familiar with the popular slogan “It’s a motorcycle, so it’s worth buying” that has become a common mantra for all types of gearheads.However, in recent years, there has been a shift in the market towards premium motorcycles with some brands that have been known to take advantage of […]

Royal Enfield Moto G to sell to Ford Motor Company

Royal Enfields Moto G will be sold to Ford.The Harley-Davidson motorcycle company confirmed it will buy the British-owned motorcycle maker for $250 million.The new owner will join Harley-Riders owner Ford Motor Co, which is also buying Harley Davidson, from 2019. “Our team will be joined by Ford’s top engineers and designers who will be working […]

How to buy a motorcycle battery tender for your motorcycle

A motorcyclist and motorcycle club is using the tender to sell batteries to local businesses.The battery supplier is paying a $10,000 deposit on a new battery to be used by the club.Bobber Motorcycle Club President Bobber Richey said the deposit will help with capital costs and pay for the new battery.He said the club will […]