A new way to get people to talk about cars: A social media company’s experiment with bike sharing

A social-media startup is making a bike-share program that lets you hang out with your friends, and then share photos of your bike, along with some comments on how it’s the best bike to ride.The company is called CycleHop, and it lets users buy rides on bikes with the help of the bike-sharing app RideShare.Each […]

How to buy a Kawasaki motorcycle sidecar

Kawasaki motorcycles have become a bit of a fixture in the American motorcycling scene.The motorcycle’s popularity is undeniable, and the motorcycles themselves have a cult following, but now it seems that these motorcycles also offer some pretty unique services.While they are great for taking the kids to the park, or for the weekend ride, a […]

Harley-Davidson is selling a new motorcycle carrier for the money

Harley-Davidsons newest motorcycle carrier is called the Harley-DeLand® M-2 and it comes in a variety of colors and colors of its own.But, the new Harley-Deluxe® M3 is available in only black and white. The Harley-Masters newest motorcycle is also available in the new color, but you’ll have to look elsewhere.Harley-Bikes is the latest brand to introduce […]

New Scientist: How do I get a police motorcycle?

Motorcycle phones, meanwhile, were introduced in 2011.The technology allows police to monitor movements of a rider while they are off-duty, and they can also record the driver’s license number.Police are using the technology to track criminals in cars, and also have a camera mounted on the back of a police vehicle that can record footage […]

When kids buy their first motorcycle helmets: How to pay for them

Kids in the US have been buying helmets as their first big-ticket purchase.But how do you get your kid to buy them?Motorcycle helmet prices vary widely, but some schools and hospitals are starting to offer helmets to students at subsidized rates, like $60 per year for full-time students.Here’s how you can find the best deal […]

When motorcycle helmets go from $1,000 to $5,000: ‘That’s a great change’

The average price of a motorcycle helmet in the U.S. is currently $1.9 million, according to the American Association of Motorcycle Instructors, up from $600,000 in 2015.The AAMI estimates that the average price per helmet will rise to $3,000 by 2021.But there’s a catch: most helmets will only last for a few years.While many helmets […]

“If I could buy anything, what would it be?”

The world is full of awesome things, but the thing that seems to be the most overlooked by the average person is a motorcycle trailer.With over 30 million of them on the road, there’s just no way to know for sure if they’re worth the money or not.And that’s not even taking into account the […]

When You Are About to Be A Big Dog, Use Michelin’s Big Dog Bumper for Comfort

I am a big dog.I am the best dog.And I am on a budget.But I am not the only one who needs a motorcycle helmet.Big dogs love to ride bikes and often don’t wear helmets.Michels Big Dog Backpack Helmet has been around for years and has become one of my favorites.The helmet features a molded […]