The chopper motorcycle club is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in Australia

A chopper bike club in Australia is celebrating its 100th anniversary.The chopper club is a motorcycle club that was founded in Melbourne in 1882.Its motto is “Don’t stop at anything and go where the wind blows”.In an interview with the ABC, club member Steve Jones said his club had been in business for 40 years.“It’s […]

How to cover a motorcycle cover

Black motorcycle covers have been a staple of motorcycle enthusiast culture for many years.But a recent article on motorcycle cover sites is raising eyebrows.The article claims to be a “behind the scenes” look at the history of the motorcycle cover industry.A number of motorcycle cover models were designed by a team from the automotive and […]

What’s next for Harley-Davidson after the stock market crash

Harley-Davidsons stock price dropped on Thursday to its lowest level since mid-June, after the company reported a decline in sales.Shares in Harley-Danes stock tumbled as much as 10% after the announcement that its chief executive, Joe Hinrichs, would be stepping down.The stock’s drop comes as Harley- Danes stock is down about 10% from the June […]

What are motorcycle closeout sets and why do I need them?

This article is a continuation of the original motorcycle closeup series.For more articles like this, check out our motorcycle closeups blog.The motorcycle closedown is a set of accessories that you can purchase to close the engine and hood of your motorcycle.It is used to close up the hood or engine bay and prevent the air […]

How to get your motorcycle helmet on: 50cc motorcycle

A motorcycle helmet is a vital part of any motorcycle rider’s safety equipment.This article examines how to get one.First of all, it’s important to remember that the 50cc version of the motorcycle helmet will be fitted with an aluminium frame.This will reduce weight and improve rigidity.You’ll also want to keep the helmet as slim as […]

Why you need to buy a bluetooth motorcycle speaker

Bluetooth speakers are increasingly becoming part of your everyday life, but there’s one area where the devices can actually do more good than harm.The technology is used in some of the most popular mobile devices from Apple to Samsung.That’s because the technology is capable of receiving data and transmitting audio.However, that data can be encrypted […]

How to buy motorcycle tires and helmets

In addition to the bike tires, you can also get motorcycle helmets, which are typically a bit more expensive.While you can get a motorcycle helmet in a store, you have to find a bike shop where you can buy them.In a lot of places you can find them online, but you may have to pay […]