How to make a motorcycle helmet for the future

When the motorcycle helmet was first released, it was made of metal and plastic.Now, with the new motorcycle helmet standards coming into effect, manufacturers have come up with new and improved versions of the helmets.Read moreRead More:What you need to know about motorcycle helmetsHow to make the best motorcycle helmet: What to expect at the […]

How to buy a motorcycle helmet in India

The new helmet is on sale for $20 in Mumbai and $30 in Bangalore. And the price is more than the prices you’d pay for a cheap ticket on the Metro. But there are other ways to buy the new version. You can find them online, of course. In Bangalore, the Bangalore Metro marketing manager said the helmet is available […]

When motorcycle helmets go from $1,000 to $5,000: ‘That’s a great change’

The average price of a motorcycle helmet in the U.S. is currently $1.9 million, according to the American Association of Motorcycle Instructors, up from $600,000 in 2015.The AAMI estimates that the average price per helmet will rise to $3,000 by 2021.But there’s a catch: most helmets will only last for a few years.While many helmets […]

Indian Chief Motorcycle Helmet Gets Big $1 Billion Deal

India’s Motorcycle Face Mask is set to get a big boost when the Indian Government announced the acquisition of $1 billion worth of motorcycle helmets by Harley Davidson.The deal, valued at $1.4 billion, is worth more than the total value of all Harley Davidson motorcycles in the country.India is currently the world’s biggest motorcycle market […]