When the first ‘battery’ hits the road, will it make or break the electric vehicle?

When the Honda Civic battery was first launched in 1998, the concept was so good that Honda hoped that by the end of the decade, consumers would be so hooked on its promise that they would never want to stop using their cars.Today, the battery market is in flux.But in the meantime, the Honda and […]

Royal Enfield Moto G to sell to Ford Motor Company

Royal Enfields Moto G will be sold to Ford.The Harley-Davidson motorcycle company confirmed it will buy the British-owned motorcycle maker for $250 million.The new owner will join Harley-Riders owner Ford Motor Co, which is also buying Harley Davidson, from 2019. “Our team will be joined by Ford’s top engineers and designers who will be working […]

How to buy a motorcycle battery tender for your motorcycle

A motorcyclist and motorcycle club is using the tender to sell batteries to local businesses.The battery supplier is paying a $10,000 deposit on a new battery to be used by the club.Bobber Motorcycle Club President Bobber Richey said the deposit will help with capital costs and pay for the new battery.He said the club will […]

How to save your motorbike license

When you’re getting ready to buy a new motorcycle, you’re probably thinking about the motorcycle license.This is the easiest part.You don’t have to worry about what you can and can’t do with your new motorcycle.If you have a motorcycle that doesn’t have a registration number, you can apply for a motorcycle safety and health permit […]