Why I love the new Harley Davidson X-Bolt, and what it means for motorcycle riders

By now, you’ve probably seen the announcement that Harley Davidson will be producing a new bike for riders in 2017.The X-Bow, or XB, is expected to feature a new frame, suspension, and brakes, and it’s being made in the UK, which is a pretty cool move considering there’s no bike currently available that has the […]

Harley-Davidson is selling a new motorcycle carrier for the money

Harley-Davidsons newest motorcycle carrier is called the Harley-DeLand® M-2 and it comes in a variety of colors and colors of its own.But, the new Harley-Deluxe® M3 is available in only black and white. The Harley-Masters newest motorcycle is also available in the new color, but you’ll have to look elsewhere.Harley-Bikes is the latest brand to introduce […]

When Suzuki Motorcycles and the World’s Most Important Motorcycle are Both in the News

Japanese company Suzuki Motor Corp., which makes a number of Japanese motorcycle brands, has been making them for nearly 40 years, a new book reveals.The book, The Triumph of Suzuki, chronicles the company’s rise to global fame and global dominance in the mid-1970s.The Triumphs, which are the brand’s two main models, are the most popular […]