‘Mumbai Dolly’ motorcycle mall gets a boost after new ‘Murali’ bike

MUMBAI: Motorcycle mall in Mumbai has received a big boost after the creation of a new mural.The new ‘Brick’ mural will feature a replica of the iconic ‘Museum of Motorcycles’ bike.The bike, made by Mumbai-based art studio, is a replica, based on a model, of the original ‘Mountain Bike’ which was unveiled in 2001 by […]

One wheel motorcycle park at the Mall of America

Posted September 08, 2018 07:12:11Motorcycle park owners at the mall of america in St. Paul, Minnesota are planning to take over a motorcycle park and start putting a new twist on the experience.One of the few non-touristy motorcycle parks in the United States, the one-wheel park is part of the Mall Of America complex.The parking […]

When You Are About to Be A Big Dog, Use Michelin’s Big Dog Bumper for Comfort

I am a big dog.I am the best dog.And I am on a budget.But I am not the only one who needs a motorcycle helmet.Big dogs love to ride bikes and often don’t wear helmets.Michels Big Dog Backpack Helmet has been around for years and has become one of my favorites.The helmet features a molded […]