New Scientist: How do I get a police motorcycle?

Motorcycle phones, meanwhile, were introduced in 2011.The technology allows police to monitor movements of a rider while they are off-duty, and they can also record the driver’s license number.Police are using the technology to track criminals in cars, and also have a camera mounted on the back of a police vehicle that can record footage […]

How Ducati’s MotoGP bike battery works

The MotoGP battery is the heart of Ducati.It’s made of an alloy of magnesium and carbon.But while that may seem like an important ingredient for a modern motorcycle, the real reason it’s so important is that it provides enough energy to keep your bike going through the long race.With a battery that’s made up of […]

How to make a motorcycle phone holder

Harley Motorcycles is getting ready to launch its newest model, the Harley-Davidson XR100, in April, and it has already announced that the bike is not just a phone holder.The motorcycle company has revealed that the XR 100, which it calls the “Rideable” in the United States, is actually an entirely new motorcycle and phone holder […]