What are motorcycle closeout sets and why do I need them?

This article is a continuation of the original motorcycle closeup series.For more articles like this, check out our motorcycle closeups blog.The motorcycle closedown is a set of accessories that you can purchase to close the engine and hood of your motorcycle.It is used to close up the hood or engine bay and prevent the air […]

How to get your motorcycle helmet on: 50cc motorcycle

A motorcycle helmet is a vital part of any motorcycle rider’s safety equipment.This article examines how to get one.First of all, it’s important to remember that the 50cc version of the motorcycle helmet will be fitted with an aluminium frame.This will reduce weight and improve rigidity.You’ll also want to keep the helmet as slim as […]

Harley-Davidson ‘fearful’ about new motorcycle safety rules, says it’s ‘too early’ to tell if it’ll stay on track

Harley-Davidsons chief executive James Watson said it was “too early” to say if the company would stay on course for the second half of the year.Harley-Shoes chief executive Peter Dolan said there were no plans to put any of the company’s brands on the safety radar for the foreseeable future.Harley has been forced to admit […]