How to hear a Harley-Davidson motorcycle speakers tweet on a motorcycle

By Matt L. Smith-JohnsonThe NFL’s announcement on Friday that it will begin testing new speaker technologies has put more attention on Harley-Davidsons new speaker technology.For the first time, the NFL will begin using the Harley-davidson KTM10S motorcycle speakers.The first motorcycle speakers announced in this way are the KTM-10S speakers.The new speaker models are designed to […]

What are the latest rumors on the latest in the new motorcycle world?

We’re looking into some more interesting motorcycle rumors, and there’s a ton of new information to share.There’s even more to come.First, we’re starting with the big news of the day.The next version of the Moto X has a big reveal, but it’s not coming until April 4, 2018.This is a big deal for fans of […]