Why the US is the only nation that still doesn’t allow motorcycle car licenses

The US has become the only country in the world to still bar people from owning a motorcycle, despite decades of efforts to legalize the sport.But the government has struggled to enact a nationwide ban on motorcycle ownership, and it has never been easy to enforce.That’s because most states require that someone purchase a motorcycle […]

‘Ladder’ to the top: A guide to the life of Donald Trump

A man who won the presidency last year and whose campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again” has now become the most influential politician in America.The man is Donald Trump, who will become the 45th president on January 20th.Mr Trump, 72, was elected in a landslide victory in the Republican primaries and is widely considered […]

US police arrest 3 in fatal crash involving gas motorcycle and motorcycle

Police have arrested three people in connection with a fatal crash that killed two children on a gas motorcycle in Missouri.Key points:The incident happened at a gas station in MissouriPolice say the children were riding their gas motorcycles through the gas station parking lotThe crash happened at the end of the gas store’s parking lot […]