How a ‘bully pulpit’ helped Benelli motorcycle insurance company earn $5.5M in 2010

The Benelli Motorcycle Insurance business is known for its aggressive marketing and aggressive sales tactics, but the company also has a humble history in the industry.It was founded by two brothers in 1966, John and Paul Benelli, and their brother John was the company’s first employee.But the brothers had an interest in motorcycle technology and […]

When Suzuki Motorcycles and the World’s Most Important Motorcycle are Both in the News

Japanese company Suzuki Motor Corp., which makes a number of Japanese motorcycle brands, has been making them for nearly 40 years, a new book reveals.The book, The Triumph of Suzuki, chronicles the company’s rise to global fame and global dominance in the mid-1970s.The Triumphs, which are the brand’s two main models, are the most popular […]