The chopper motorcycle club is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in Australia

A chopper bike club in Australia is celebrating its 100th anniversary.The chopper club is a motorcycle club that was founded in Melbourne in 1882.Its motto is “Don’t stop at anything and go where the wind blows”.In an interview with the ABC, club member Steve Jones said his club had been in business for 40 years.“It’s […]

The new LEGO motorcycle helmet that makes all the difference

The new toy motorcycle helmet is made with a metal frame that holds a battery in place and allows the rider to use the motor’s motor for up to 20 miles without wearing the helmet.Motorcyclists and their families have been using helmets since the 1980s, but the new helmet is the first of its kind […]

Motorcycle salvage specialist to sell a $6m toy vehicle worth $6.4m to the highest bidder

Australian motorcycle salvage specialist RSPCA said it would sell a toy motorcycle valued at $6 million to the most successful bidder.The Australian Motorcycle Auction Commission said it had received a proposal from a third party and was negotiating with the seller.RSPCA chief executive Mike Taylor said the seller was confident in the sale price and […]