BMW’s new X3 sports car, a $70,000 sports car that’s only a few hundred dollars cheaper than the cheapest BMW model

BMW has just launched a new sports car called the X3, and it’s only $70k cheaper than a BMW X5.That’s because it’s a BMW sports car. That’s a significant number of cars on the market today, and for a relatively small price, a sports car can make an extremely good car.The BMW X3 is a great […]

The Future of Motorcycle Helmets: The Next Generation

It looks like a bunch of fancy little gadgets that don’t have a whole lot of functionality.It’s the future of motorcycle helmets and it’s the ultimate motorcycle helmet.You may be thinking “Oh, that’s the cool kids.”Maybe.Maybe not.The next generation of motorcycle helmet is going to look like nothing so much as an oversized, modular helmet […]